Nuvolaris Community 3 beta

Welcome to Nuvolaris Community version 3 beta!

Starting points to consult this documentation:

This is a preview of the documentation. Since it is not yet complete, pages that are still incomple are marked as follows:

🚧 Work in progress

Bug Bounty

The installer already passes all the tests in our supported platforms and the installation documentation is complete.

So if you feel brave, it is time to try to install it.

Installation successful?

If your installation is successful, report it in our forum, and we will invite you to join us at the Install Party!

We are organizing an Install Party live, and will invite all those who reported a successful installation in our forum!

Installation fails???

If your installation fails, please file a bug, and we will thank you.

We have 10 copies of the book Learning Apache OpenWhisk, the serverless engine that is the foundation of Nuvolaris. The book was written by the CEO of Nuvolaris, Michele Sciabarra.

We will make a gift of a copy of the book, signed by the author, to whose who will give us significant help in fixing the bugs with useful and reproducible bug reports.