About MastroGPT

MastroGPT is a hosted service, built on top of Nuvolaris, designed to fulfill the need for a development and deployment enviroment allowing to build quickly LLM-based application and run in production with minimal effort.

It provides all you need to start writing LLM-based apps in minutes and run them in production with no effort. Check here for more.

About Nuvolaris Community

Nuvolaris Community is an Open Source project, released under the Apache License 2.0 providing a portable and complete Serverless environment, allowing to build quickly and easily cloud-native applications.

Our goal is to make Nuvolaris ubitiquous, allowing it to easily run a complete and portable environment that runs in every Kubernetes.

Nuvolaris is based on Apache OpenWhisk, which provides a powerful, production-ready serverless engine.

However, the serverless engine is just the beginning, because a serverless environment requires a set of integrated services.

Nuvolaris provides integrated with OpenWhisk several additional services such as databases, object storage, and a cron scheduler.

Furthermore, we test it on many public cloud Kubernetes services and on-premises Kubernetes vendors.

The platform is paired with a powerful CLI tool, nuv, which lets you deploy Nuvolaris quickly and easily everywhere, and perform a lot of development tasks.

Our goal is to build a complete distribution of a serverless environment with the following features:

  • It is easy to install and manage.

  • Integrates all the key services to build applications.

  • It is as portable as possible to run potentially in every Kubernetes.

  • It is however tested regularly against a set of supported Kubernetes environments.

If you want to know more about our goals, check our roadmap document.