Welcome to MastroGPT


MastroGPT is a product of Nuvolaris that enables the creation of your own applications in a serverless environment. The environment is connected to both the OpenAI API and the Nuv platform, which offer it as a function as a service.

With MastroGPT, you can deploy your software based on Nuv entities (packages, actions, activations…​). Currently, we offer support for Python, Node.js, Java, Go, and JavaScript runtimes. You can choose your preferred language and build your own AI application.

How to Start

MastroGPT, as mentioned earlier, offers developers everything they need to build their own applications, with specific integrations for AI and major cloud providers, a dedicated user interface, and a scalable serverless platform. In particular, direct access to OpenAI is provided (each environment has its own specific key) and is integrated seamlessly.

The unique constraint is to place server side code under the /packages folder and client side code under the /web folder. We’ll explain this further in Environment.

Getting Started with GitHub

If you’re new to the product and want to start with some examples to better understand it, you can visit https://github.com/mastrogpt and choose between starter templates or demo repositories. For example, you can explore the python-starter repository (https://github.com/mastrogpt/python-starter).

Here, you can explore source code, demos, and starters to better understand capabilities and development possibilities.

Consider these templates as starting points to become familiar with Nuv concepts and MastroGPT features.

Start from Admin

Nuvolaris Admin is a fully integrated platform, linked to the Nuv namespace (every user has one namespace in Nuv) and all features ready to use. Its graphical interface makes the development process easy and intuitive. To use it, you have to register on our login page https://nuvolaris.dev/.

Every Admin feature is explained in Environment.