Prerequisites to install Nuvolaris

This page lists the prerequisites to install Nuvolaris in various environments.

You can install Nuvolaris:

  • for development in a single node environment, either in your local machine or in a Linux server.

  • for production, in a multi node environment provided by a Kubernetes cluster.

Single Node development installation

For development purposes, you can install a single node Nuvolaris deployment in the following environments as soon as the following requirements are satisfied:

Our installer can automatically install a Kubernetes environment, using K3S, but if you prefer you can install a single-node Kubernetes instance by yourself.

If you choose to install Kubernetes on your server, we provide support for:

Multi Node production installation

For production purposes, you need a multi-node Kubernetes cluster that satisfies those requirements, accessible with its kubeconfig file.

If you have such a cluster, you can install Nuvolaris in a Kubernetes cluster

If you do not have a cluster and you need to setup one, we provide support for provisioning a suitable cluster that satisfied our requirements for the following Kubernetes environments:

Once you have a suitable Kubernetes cluster, you can proceed installing Nuvolaris.