The nuv debug subcomand gives access to many useful debugging utilities as follow:

You need access to the Kubernetes cluster where Nuvolaris is installed.

nuv debug: available subcommands:
* apihost:                show current apihost
* certs:                  show certificates
* config:                 show deployed configuration
* images:                 show current images
* ingress:                show ingresses
* kube:                   kubernetes support subcommand prefix
* lb:                     show ingress load balancer
* log:                    show logs
* route:                  show openshift route
* runtimes:               show runtimes
* status:                 show deployment status
* watch:                  watch nodes and pod deployment
* operator:version:       show operator versions

The nuv debug kube subcommand also gives detailed informations about the underlying Kubernetes cluster:

nuv debug kube: available subcommands:
* ctl:            execute a kubectl command, specify with CMD=<command>
* detect:         detect the kind of kubernetes we are using
* exec:           exec bash in pod P=...
* info:           show info
* nodes:          show nodes
* ns:             show namespaces
* operator:       describe operator
* pod:            show pods and related
* svc:            show services, routes and ingresses
* users:          show nuvolaris users custom resources
* wait:           wait for a value matching the given jsonpath on the specific resources under the namespace nuvolaris