Server Installation

This page describes how to install Nuvolaris on a Linux server accessible with SSH.

This is a single node installation, so it is advisable only for development purposes.


Before installing, you need to:

  1. install the Nuvolaris CLI nuv.

  2. provision a server running a Linux operating system, either a virtual machine or a physical server, and you know its IP address or DNS name

  3. configure it to have passwordless ssh access and sudo rights

  4. open the firewall to have access to ports 80, 443 and 6443 or 16443 from your client machine

  5. configure the DNS name for the server and choose the services you want to enable


If the prerequisites are satisfied, execute the dommand:

nuv setup server <server> <user>

Replace in the command before <server> with the IP address or DNS name used to access the server, and <user> with the username you have to use to access the server

Wait until the command completes and you will have Nuvolaris up and running.

Post Install

nuv setup server <server> <user> --uninstall