What’s new in MastroGPT (and Nuvolaris 3.1)?

MastroGPT is a hosted service (also available on preises for enteprise customers) providing a number of extra features built on top of Nuvolaris in order to support easy development of LLM-based AI applications.

It provides:

  • an administrative interface

  • an integrated GPT apps builder

  • incremental deployer

  • an online IDE to build applications

  • a set of starter application

  • a set of examples and demo

  • access to OpenAI API

There are also tons of improvements in Nuvolaris under the hood to support MastroGPT.

Most of the imporevements are in the development tools, however there are also performance and reliability optimizations, bug fixes and new features to support MastroGPT.

What’s new in Nuvolaris Community 3?

Nuvolaris community is a distribution of Apache Openwhisk providing availability on multiple clouds and a set of integrated services

Nuvolaris itself is based on a rich operator, supporting the deployment of several services:

  • Publishing of static assets

  • Redis, an in-memory key-value store

  • MinIO, an object storage service

  • Postgres a relational database

  • FerretDB A MongoDB-compatible adapter

Nuvolaris is coupled with a rich and extendible CLI, nuv.

You can use it to install and run Nuvolaris locally on Docker Desktop using Kind

You can then install Nuvolaris in the following cloud providers:

You can also install it in private clouds on servers running:

The CLI also supports installation directly on servers accessible with SSH.