Configuring Nuvolaris services

After you satisfied the prerequisites and before you actually install Nuvolaris, you have to select which services you want to install:

  • Static, publishing of static assets

  • REDIS, a storage service

  • MinIO an object storage service

  • Postgres a relational SQL database

  • FerretDB A MongoDB-compatible adapter for Postgres

You can enable all the services with:

nuv config enable --all

or disable all of them with:

nuv config disable --all

Or select the services you want, as follows.

Static Asset Publishing

The static service allows you to publish static asset.

you need to setup a a wildcard DNS name to be able to access them from Internet.

You can enable the Static service with:

nuv config enable --static

and disable it with:

nuv config disable --static


Redis, is a fast, in-memory key-value store, usually used as cache, but also in some cases as a (non-relational) database.

Enable REDIS:

nuv config enable --redis

Disable REDIS:

nuv config disable --redis


MinIO is an object storage service

Enable minio:

nuv config enable --minio

Disable minio:

nuv config disable --minio


Postgres is an SQL (relational) database.

Enable postgres:

nuv config enable --postgres

Disable postgres:

nuv config disable --postgres


FerretDB is a MongoDB-compatible adapter for Postgres. It created a document-oriented database service on top of Postgres.

Since FerretDB uses Postgres as its storage, if you enable it, also the service Postgresql will be enabled as it is required.

Enable MongoDB api with FerretDB:

nuv config enable --mongodb

Disable MongoDB api with FerretDB:

nuv config disable --mongodb