Download and Install nuv

You can install Nuvolaris using its Command Line Interface, nuv.

The current version of nuv is: 3.0.1-beta.2401121536.

You can download it for your system. It is available for the following operating systems, architectures and formats:

Download your version from this page, then install it according to the procedures of your operating system.

In all the operating systems with a graphical user interface, you can just double click on the installer to install Nuvolaris.

beta version is currently unsigned. Check here for install on Mac.

Once installed, in the first run nuv will tell to update the tasks executing:

nuv -update

This command updates the Nuvolaris "tasks" (its internal logic) to the latest version. This command should be also executed frequently, as the tasks are continuously evolving and expanding.

nuv will suggest when to update them (at least once a day).

You normally just need to update the tasks but sometimes you also need to update nuv itself. The system will detect when it is the case and tell you what to do.