Installation Overview

If you are in hurry and you think this guide is TL;DR (too long, don’t read), please read at least our quick start single page installation guide.

It gives you an overview of the installation process, omitting some more advanced details. It can be enough to get you started and install Nuvolaris.

Once you want to know more, you can come back.

If you instead want the read the full documentation first, please read on.

Installation Steps

Nuvolaris can be installed in many environments, using our powerful command line interface nuv.

So you should start downloading the CLI from this page.

Once you installed nuv, before installing you need to check the prerequisites for the installation, and satisfy them

If the the prerequisites are OK, you can make your choices of what you want to install configuring your Nuvolaris installation.

Finally, once you have:

  1. downloaded nuv

  2. satisfied the prerequisites

  3. configured your installation

you can choose where to install, either:

Post Installation

After the installation, you can change later the configuration and update the system.


If you have issues, please check: