Prerequisites to install Nuvolaris in a Kubernetes cluster

You can install Nuvolaris in any Kubernetes cluster which satisfy some requirements.

Kubernetes clusters are available pre-built from a variety of cloud providers. We provide with our nuv tool the commands to install a Kubernetes cluster ready for Nuvolaris in the following environments:

You can also provision a suitable cluster by yourself, in any cloud or on premises, ensuring the prerequites are satisfied.

Once provisioned, you will receive a configuration file to access the cluster, called kubeconfig.

This file should be placed in ~/.kube/config to give access to the cluster

If you have this file, you can check if you have access to the cluster with the command:

nuv debug kube info

You should see something like this:

Kubernetes control plane is running at

Once you have got access to the Kubernetes cluster, either installing one with out commands or provisioning one by yourself, you can proceed configuring the installation and then installing Nuvolaris in the cluster.