Install K3S in a server

You can install Nuvolaris as described here, and you do not need to install any Kubernetes in it, as it is installed as part of the procedure. In this case it installs K3S.

Or you can install K3S in advance, and then proceed configuring and then installing Nuvolaris as in any other Kubernetes cluster.

Installing K3S in a server

Before installing ensure you have satified the prerequisites, most notably:

  1. you know the IP address or DNS name

  2. your server operating system satisfies the K3S requirements

  3. you have passwordless access with ssh

  4. you have a user with passwordless sudo rights

  5. you have opened the port 6443 in the firewall

Then you can use the following subcommand to install in the server:

nuv cloud k3s create SERVER=<server> USERNAME=<username>

where <server> is the IP address or DNS name to access the server, and <username> is the user you use to access the server.

Those pieces of information should have been provided when provisioning the server.

If you installed a Kubernetes cluster in the server this way, you should proceed installing Nuvolaris as in a Kubernetes cluster, not as a server.

The installation retrieves also a Kubernetes configuration file, so you can proceed to installing it without any other step involved.

Additional Commands

In addition to create the following subcommands are also available:

  • nuv cloud k3s delete SERVER=<server> USERNAME=<username>: uninstall K3S from the server

  • nuv cloud k3s kubeconfig SERVER=<server> USERNAME=<username>: retrieve the kubeconfig from the K3S server

  • nuv cloud k3s info: some information about the server

  • nuv cloud k3s status: status of the server